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Anonymous asked: When will u come dollhouse for a night out babe?

Who do I know that goes dollhouse? Noooobuddddy. Whenever I get invited then ill go. I’ve never heard of it

Anonymous asked: Where's your favourite/good place to eat out in London hun? xo

Why do people always ask me this. This place in Stanmore where you can do bowling has a great meal bit there. The food is insaneeeee! I forget the name though sorry.

Anonymous asked: your response to my 3some question was well received. im gonna take your advice. thank you :)

You’re welcome.


r e l e v a n t


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Anonymous asked: so basically my gf wants to have a threesome with some other girl so i was wondering how i go about doing that i.e. do i just go up to a random girl and be like "bla bla bla do you wanna have a threesome??" p.s. i hope you know im not asking you if you wanna have a 3some with my girl. just want some advice

Well first of all I’ve never answered one of these questions, but I’ll have a go. I don’t really know what would be the best solution, probably ask a girl you know or a girl she knows who would be comfortable. If not go on one of them websites where you find people in your area that are willing to meet up and do stuff lol? I’m not sure. Sorry for the shit advice.


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